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Shipping agency

The company has 12 years experience as liner ships agent of the Ukrainian railway ferry vessels Geroi Shipki and Geroi Plevny.

International cargo forwarding

NAVISPED PLC renders assistance to its clients in finding the best way for transportation of their cargoes. The company has a great experience in railway / ferry transport of any cargoes in Europe and CIS.

Transhipment cargo operations

NAVISPED PLC offers to its clients loading / discharging of any carogoes on / from ships, rail wagons and trucks, as well as direct and indirect transshipment.

Freight transportation

NAVISPED PLC as a general agent of the shipping company UKRFERRY concludes long-term contracts with its clients for ferry transport of rail wagons via the ferry line Varna - Ilichevsk, Varna/Ilichevsk - Poti/Batumi, Illichevsk - Derince, Kerch - Batumi and books for carriage trucks, rail wagons, cars and passengers.

Baba Rada Str. 26
Bulgaria, Varna 9001
Tel./Fax: +359 52 630 550
E-Mail: navisped@navisped.com

Varna Rail Ferry Complex Varna
Beloslav 9150, Varna
Central Administration Building, 2 floor
Phone: +359 897 892207
E-Mail: navisped@navisped.com