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NAVISPED PLC is a private company founded in April 1997. Since August 1997 the company is the general agent of the shipowner SC UKRFERRY. The head office of NAVISPED is in Varna, Bulgaria, 26 Baba Rada Str.

The second office is at the ferry port Beloslav.

Our main activities and services are:

  • ships agency
  • international forwarding of cargoes by sea, rail and auto transport
  • booking and sea carriage of rail cars, trucks and cars via the Black sea ferry links
  • cargo operations and customs clearance.



Baba Rada Str. 26
Bulgaria, Varna 9001
Tel./Fax: +359 52 630 550
E-Mail: navisped@navisped.com

Varna Rail Ferry Complex Varna
Beloslav 9150, Varna
Central Administration Building, 2 floor
Phone: +359 897 892207
E-Mail: navisped@navisped.com