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M/V "Greifswald" is modern cargo-passenger vessel, built in 1988 in Germany. The vessel is under Germanisher Lloyd's classification supervision. M/V "Greifswald" has the certificate of the Guinness World Records, as the biggest vessel in the world in the class of PASSENGER / RO-RO / RAILWAYFERRY.

M/V "Greifswald" offers to the passenger's highest level of service in comparison with other vessels and types of transport: 150 passenger places in cabins suite, semi-lux, 2-berth and 4-berth cabins with all facilities, restaurant with separate zones for smokers and not smoke passengers, a bar, reception salon, salon with video and satellite TV, a children's game room. Also passengers could use onboard Internet (paid service).

Good seaworthiness of the vessel and her sizeable dimensions (length more 190m, width - 28m.) allow minimizing rolling even in storm conditions. Two cargo decks can take simultaneously aboard 50 universal rail wagons and 50 TIR.

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