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Geroi Plevny

Each vessel of "Geroi Shipki" type is capable of loading and discharging Ro-cargoes across starboard ramp in any berth and has reinforced decks for carrying special vehicles, which makes it possible to make chartered voyages with Ro-cargoes to Black Sea/Mediterranean/Middle East regions.

Classification Ro-Ro vessel / КМ ЛЗ I A2
Built in 1978/79. "ULYANIK" Shipyard, Pula, Yugoslavia
Length overall m 184.215
Breadth moulded m 26.76
Depth moulded up to the upper deck m 15.20
Depth moulded up to the main deck m 9.0
Load draught m 7.4
Deadweight with draught 7.41 m t 12889
Gross tonnage GRT   20000
Range of sailing mile 9000
Service speed knots 15.0
Main engine power kWt 2 x 6480
3 decks: 2 internal (free height 5.150 m) + 1 open Length of railways per deck, lm Cargo weight capacity per deck, mt
upper deck 685 3050
main deck 748 6760
double bottom deck 247 1020
Total length of railways - 1680 lm
Total cargo capacity - 108 railvans or 90 trailers of 16m length or 900 Eurosize cars
Internal cargo lift: safe weight lifting capacity - 170 mt;
length - 30 lm
Number of passenger beds Pers. 50

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